Part of the Vic Firth family!

I remember working in the Drum Shop here in Edmonton many years ago and the owner asking if we should stock Vic Firth drumsticks in the store. I was very much aware of Vic Firth sticks and mallets but, because they were not yet available in Edmonton, I had not tried them. Regardless, I jumped at the opportunity to sell such a highly-regarded brand.
Our first Vic Firth shipment arrived a few weeks later and I was immediately taken with the exceptional quality of every item we ordered: the sticks were straight, they were pitch-paired from the factory (what a concept!), and they didn’t slip out of my hands on even the sweatiest of nights.
I have played Vic Firth sticks, mallets and brushes ever since – over 25 years now – and I’m happy to say that  I have been officially welcomed into the Vic Firth family of artists. (Yes, they actually used the words “welcome to the family”.)
I am especially pleased and proud to be a Vic Firth artist because their sticks and mallets are simply THE BEST. These sticks have always felt like an extension of my arms, wrists and fingers and have helped me connect with the drumset in a way no other drumstick has. Also, the company – from the outside looking in – has retained a certain integrity over the years, and that is important to me.
I am so happy, again, to be associated with a brand I fell in love with way back on our first date! 🙂