Officially a Remo guy!

I admit I’ve been “tone-obsessed” all of my drumming life.¬†Developing the ability to tune my drums to sound the way I want them to sound, in any situation or environment,¬†has been extremely important to me. I’ve logged the countless hours required – the ringing in my ears is proof ūüôā – learning how to make drums sound good before I’ve begun playing music on them.

For me, Remo drumheads have always been the starting point in that ¬†process.¬†I’ve had the opportunity to¬†hear what other companies’ products are all about. Don’t get me wrong, every brand out there makes an excellent product, but Remo heads always had the sound and feel I related to immediately.¬†Drums just don’t sound or feel like home until I’ve¬†changed the heads to Remo.

In fact, I clearly remember discovering transparent Remo Emperors many, many years ago; it was truly an epiphany for me.  The Emperors elicited the perfect balance of attack, sustain and warmth from the toms on my first professional set of drums Рan original TAMA Imperialstar set. The drums sounded like a completely different kit Рin a very good way.

Since that time,¬†I’ve tried virtually every drumhead¬†Remo has to offer and the palette of sounds¬†available in Remo’s wide array of models¬†is limitless, and has every genre of music covered with consistent, user-friendly tone.

I am very excited, proud and honored to be an official Remo Artist. It feels wonderful to be playing and endorsing the gear I truly believe in and love. Remo is a part of my tone-obsessed¬†sound; I’ve played them forever and I look forward to working more closely with their passionate¬†team here in Canada.