New Arrivals

I am absolutely ecstatic about the arrival of my new Zildjian cymbals! I’ve been eager to add a broader, contemporary range of sounds to my set-up options for a few years now and these new Zildjians defintely deliver! I made a conscious decision to go with larger, warmer, smoother-sounding cymbals that would blend into the overall mix of the music and match a simpler and “bigger” approach to playing. I could not be happier with the cymbals Zildjian sent (see the complete list below). I am looking forward to using this set-up on all of my upcoming shows with Brett Kissel and any other country or rock situations in the future.

My New Arrivals consist of the following: 15″ K Light Hats, 18″ K Constantinople Crash, 19″ K Constantinople Crash/Ride, 20″ A Custom EFX Crash & 22″ K Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride

Love ’em all!

Zildjian is still the Only Serious Choice for me.