JASON BLAINE wrapping up Summer

With just a few dates left, my summer shows with Jason Blaine are coming to a close at the end of September. This coming Saturday sees us back in Ontario headlining the Spencerville Fair. If you’re in Spencerville or the Ottawa area, stop by and say hello. Later in the month we’re in Metcalfe, Ontario.

In addition to many kick-ass Ontario shows throughout the summer – too many airports! – we’ve enjoyed playing Manitoba and  scattered dates throughout Alberta.

I can’t say enough about how happy I am to be a part of the Jason Blaine (#taarpwater) band this year. Randy Stark, Travis Switzer, Jason Barry, Shane Guse, Kris Ulrich, Steve Arundell, Stacey Lee, Ian Leary, Brandon Tindale and, of course, Jason Blaine, have been the best people to hang with, not to mention how much fun we’ve had on stage rocking Jason’s amazing repertoire.

It’s been such a blast drumming my way through Jason’s songs – they all kick serious ass even though they vary in intensity and feel, and the entire band gives it everything we’ve got on stage every night, every venue, in every city and town.

Once the JB summer wraps, I’m looking forward to fall & winter dates with Samantha King and then, perhaps, a bit of a rest and, who knows, maybe time to practice!

The marathon goal of leading my own project is rearing its head again too. Writing and/or co-writing original music has always been a passion of mine and I’m eager to scratch that itch again for the first time in years. Hopefully I’ll have time to get it going THIS TIME! More on that later.

Take care. Peace to you all.